ATECA Hotels Reveals its Vision for the Grand Chortoq Resort


ATECA Hotels presented last week its vision for the development of Grand Chortoq Resort to the property’s owners – Mr. Bokhodir Abdurayimov and Mr. Sardar Vali – and other board of directors of Chartak Resort JV LLC.

Mr. Michel Noblet, Executive Chairman of ATECA Holding, said, “The signing of the management agreement for the first-of-its-kind Grand Chortoq Resort earlier this year marked a significant milestone for ATECA Hotels. Our vision for the Grand Chortoq Resort is inspired by its unique location, exceptional natural beauty and the remarkable healing powers of the mineral water. At the heart of everything we do is the well-being of our guests. Our ultimate aim is to enrich the lives of people through transformative experiences all day long. Through our efforts, innovation and creativity we want to deliver the best-in-class facilities and service converting every moment into a fascinating story.”

Ms. Hina Bakht, Vice Chairman of ATECA Holding stated, “While working for the Grand Chortoq Resort we have set out to challenge ourselves by surpassing our past achievements. We are exploring ways to bring the best ideas to life by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. At this stage we are in the process of identifying our various construction, design and technology partners as well as outlining the diverse experiences. Our goal is to create an environment where guests can feel at ease with a sense of escape and timelessness. We believe, world-class design, seamless technology integration, elevated food and beverage concepts, premium amenities, cheerful social spaces, state-of-the-art wellness facilities, and unmatched entertainment will pioneer a new era for hospitality in the Central Asian region.”

Located on the banks of the picturesque Chartaksay river in the idyllic Chartak area of Namangan region in Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan, the Grand Chortoq Resort is a massive multi-purpose project spread over 60 hectares of land  (large enough to accommodate 112 football fields), and is in advanced stages of development with the first phase of the resort scheduled to open by March 2023.

Drawing inspiration from its intriguing heritage and enchanting location, the Grand Chortoq Resort by ATECA will offer immersive experiences and holistic treatments delivered by specialists for complete mind, body and soul renewal. Guests will be transported to the most unique recovery and relaxation wonderland under the expert care of hand-picked leading therapists and medical experts.