Santa Fe Accelerates Public Safety with Innovative Emergency Management System from Motorola Solutions


The Santa Fe Ministry of Security has awarded Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) to deliver a state-of-the-art, integrated end-to-end emergency management system for multi-agency coordination and to shorten response times to emergency calls from the public.

Comprising advanced software, voice communication and video security technologies, the new integrated system, called Control, Attention and Dispatch System for Police Emergencies (SiCAD), will provide 17,500 police officers of the Province of Santa Fe to be fully coordinated and connected across 10 cities including Rafaela, Reconquista, Rosario, City of Santa Fe and Venado Tuerto.

“Modernizing our 911 emergency system is an important step in further reducing our crime rate and achieving our community’s goal of building a safer environment,” said Omar Perotti, Santa Fe Province Governor. “Our police officers rely on clear real-time communication to keep people safe and we are confident that the new deployment will enable faster and more informed decisions.”

Motorola Solutions will manage the integration of all technologies within the police agency’s command and control room center, creating a single, comprehensive real-time viewpoint of incidents, collating data from multiple sources including 911 calls, emergency dispatch functions, video analytics, evidence and community inputs.

Included within the new emergency management system are Motorola Solutions’ DIMETRA TETRA Consoles, which provide always-on digital radio voice communication and constant connection between police officers in the field and the command and control center. As the ‘eyes and ears’ over any operation, command and control center workers can dispatch additional resources wherever they are needed for quick and effective emergency response. 

Police officers can also establish interoperable communication instantly and over any network or device, including communication between radios and smartphones with Motorola Solutions’ WAVE PTX On Premises.

Motorola Solutions’ VB400 body-worn cameras provide objective evidence when an incident occurs and increase the transparency of interactions between officers and citizens. The footage is securely uploaded via VideoManager evidence management software and integrated into the new emergency system.

“Motorola Solutions’ global experience in deploying a unified ecosystem of technologies enables us to package together the essential solutions that public safety agencies depend on every day. Used together, these technologies help to increase incident awareness, visibility across entire operations and safety for every frontline users as well as citizens,” said Henry Bateson, territory director South of Latin America, Motorola Solutions.

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