Account Health Rating increases sellers’ visibility and insights into their account health.


More likely than not, your recent purchase in Amazon’s store was from one of our nearly 2 million selling partners—the vast majority of which are small and medium-sized businesses. Amazon’s mission of helping customers find the best prices and widest selection on hundreds of millions of items every day is only possible through the success of our selling partners and our helping them provide a trustworthy shopping experience.

We continue to invest in powerful tools, services, and support that enable our community of selling partners to build successful businesses. We are constantly talking to sellers to help us innovate on their behalf and continue to improve the selling experience in Amazon’s store. This includes helping our selling partners adhere to our policies and ensure a great customer experience. For many years, we have continued to invest in—and improve on—assisting our sellers through clearer communications, faster response times, clearer indication of policy violations, and more.

Our latest innovation—the new and improved Account Health Rating—helps sellers adhere to our policies and maintain great account health. We will begin to roll out the new version of the Account Health Rating in August to sellers in our U.S. and Canada stores, and to sellers in our other worldwide stores in 2023. The new Account Health Rating is an easy-to-understand metric that gives sellers an overall state of their account health, including if the numerical value makes their account “Healthy,” “At-Risk,” or “Unhealthy.”