‘Most Noble Number’ charity auction in Dubai raises over AED38 million in support of Mothers’ Endowment campaign


DUBAI, 25th March, 2024 (WAM) — The Most Noble Number charity auction for special numbers, held yesterday evening in Dubai, raised a total of AED38.095 million that will go fully to supporting the Mothers’ Endowment campaign, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to honour mothers by establishing an AED1 billion endowment fund to support the education of millions worldwide.

Organised by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI), in collaboration with Emirates Auction and with support from the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), etisalat by e& and Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du), the charity event auctioned 31 special numbers, including 10 RTA special plate numbers, ten du mobile phone numbers and 11 etisalat by e& mobile phone numbers.

Proceeds from the auction will go towards the Mothers’ Endowment campaign, which will help implement education projects in underprivileged communities around the world in collaboration with humanitarian organisations. This will provide millions of people with the tools and skills necessary to lead an independent life.

The total bids for RTA special plate numbers amounted to AED29.025 million, while bids for etisalat by e& special numbers totalled AED4.135 million, and du special numbers raised AED4.935 million.

Leading businessmen and philanthropists attended the charity auction, held at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, as part of a community-wide response to the campaign which honours mothers and supports underprivileged communities in a sustainable manner through education.

Bids for special plate numbers at the auction were as follows: AED2.5 million for number (O74), AED3 million for number (O51), AED4 million for number (V39), AED3.225 million for number (P42), AED3 million for number (Q49), AED2.5 million for number (T95), AED2.8 million for number (U53), AED2.55 million for number (U79), AED2.775 million for number (W62) and AED2.675 million for number (W85).

Funds raised from auctioning etisalat by e& special numbers were as follows: AED2.875 million for number (0545555555), AED150,000 for number (0561444444), AED285,000 for number (0569111111), AED250,000 for number (0548888881), AED125,000 for number (0545555551), AED75,000 for number (0544000001), AED105,000 for number (0568888800), AED70,000 for number (0564488888), AED45,000 for number (0564444499), AED80,000 for number (0563000004) and AED75,000 for number (0564344444).

Funds raised from auctioning du special numbers were as follows: AED290,000 for number (0587777770), AED120,000 for number (0587777771), AED190,000 for number (0587777772), AED150,000 for number (0587777773), AED180,000 for number (0587777774), AED160,000 for number (0587777775), AED175,000 for number (0587777776), AED3.2 million for number (0587777777), AED305,000 for number (0587777778) and AED165,000 for number (0587777779).

Other Most Noble Numbers auctions continue to be held across the UAE this week, including the Abu Dhabi Police online auction for 555 special plate numbers via https://eca.ae/app, which closes on 26th and 27th March.

The Most Noble Number auction adds to six main donation channels available to contribute to the Mothers’ Endowment campaign, including the campaign’s website (Mothersfund.ae) and a dedicated call centre via the toll-free number (800 9999). Donations are also possible via bank transfer in the UAE dirham to the campaign bank account number with Emirates Islamic Bank (AE790340003708472909201).

Donations via SMS are possible by sending the word “Mother” to the following numbers (1034, 1035, 1036, 1038) for Etisalat by e& users. Other possible platforms for donating to the campaign are the DubaiNow app by clicking the “Donations” tab and Dubai’s community contributions platform Jood (Jood.ae).