MBUX Bark Assist: Mercedes-Benz presents a new voice assistant for dogs today


Campaign concept

  • With the introduction of MBUX Bark Assist, Mercedes-Benz is now also focusing on its customers’ favourite companions – their dogs.
  • The intelligent voice assistant is linked to the Mercedes Intelligent Cloud, which is able to decode the barking of four-legged friends and recognise their needs. In future, dogs will also be able to operate selected vehicle functions independently before the journey begins.
  • The MBUX Bark Assist allows to control the music selection and it can activate the ENERGIZING COMFORT programs as well as the air conditioning and the Shopping Assistant.
  • Mercedes-Benz is setting industry standards with its MBUX Voice Assistant. It is known for its intuitive operation and broad portfolio: occupants can already have questions about sports results, the weather or their surroundings answered – and even control their smart home. Find out more about MBUX here
  • The MBUX Bark Assist will only be available on April 1, 2024.

Campaign details & period

  • The global social media campaign will be played out with assets in various formats on the worldwide Mercedes-Benz channels.


  • Idea, concept and implementation: team x
  • Direction: Dimitri Tsvetkov
  • Production und Postproduction: LeBerg GmbH
  • Main actors and actresses: Aeden, Eddie, Frieda from the animal school “Renate’s Film-Tier-Ranch”
  • Music: Artlist.io