Bait Sheikh Saeed bin Hamad Al Qasimi Museum Unveils Exhibition of Historic Correspondence


Sharjah Museums Authority is proud to announce the launch of its latest
exhibition, “Letters Exchanged: Correspondence of Sheikh Saeed and
His Family,” at the historic Bait Sheikh Saeed bin Hamad Al Qasimi
This unique exhibition, taking place at the 125-year-old house reopened
last October after rejuvenation, marks the first public display of a
collection of rare letters exchanged between Sheikh Saeed bin Hamad Al
Qasimi, his family, friends and acquaintances.
The exhibition was inaugurated by Sheikh Haitham bin Saqr Al Qasimi,
Deputy Head of the Office of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah in
Kalba, in the presence of Aisha Rashid Deemas, Director General of
Sharjah Museums Authority, His Excellency Abdullah Ghanem Al
Zaabi، Chairman of AhyaKalba Council and a number of officials and
academic and cultural figures.
Included in the exhibition are noteworthy messages such as a heartfelt
letter from Sheikh Saeed bin Hamad bin Majid bin Sultan Al Qasimi,
Ruler of Kalba, to his daughter, Sheikha Aisha bint Saeed and another
to his cousin, Shaikha bint Saif Al Abdouli.

Furthermore, the exhibition features a letter from Latifa bint Ali bin
Darwesh, mother of Sheikh Saeed and aunt of Sheikha bint Saif Al
Abdouli, to her granddaughter Aisha bint Saeed. This particular letter
captures the grandmother’s joy upon the birth of her great-grandchild,
emphasizing the strong family ties that are a hallmark of Sharjah’s

These handwritten letters, delivered by messengers, played a crucial role
in the social and political discourse of the time, providing deep insights
into the cultural and social milieu of Sheikh Saeed and his
contemporaries. They also poignantly illustrate deep familial bonds,
mutual care and respect.
In addition to the letters, the exhibition showcases various objects,
including women’s costume, materials of personal adornment and
household items that further enrich the narrative of the museum’s
From May 29 to December 31, 2024, ‘Letters Exchanged’ offers a rare
glimpse into a pre-modern and not so distant era of communication,
before the advent of modern postal systems, emails and social media.
This collection of letters has been generously shared by the Bin Darwesh
family, courtesy of Mr. Abdulaziz Bin Darwesh.
For their preservation, meticulous copies of the letters are displayed
ensuring the longevity of the original invaluable documents for future
generations to appreciate and study.

These personal documents are part of a broader collection preserved by
Sharjah Museums Authority, offering visitors a window into the rich
tapestry of familial and social relations of Sharjah’s past.
This exhibition is a landmark event in the preservation and celebration
of Kalba city’s cultural heritage, inviting everyone to explore the rich
history and architectural beauty of the Bait Sheikh Saeed bin Hamad Al
Qasimi Museum, a cultural and historical hub attracting visitors locally
and from across the globe.
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