Dubai is all about encouraging Entrepreneurs”, says UAE based noted Advocate & Management Consultant Bindu S. Chettur


Our correspondent Amit Kakkar met up with  Bindu  S. Chettur, Senior Lawyer at Muhammed Salman Advocate & Legal Consultants and Founder of Chanakyatse FZE.  Bindu has 17 years of practice in legal arena of UAE. She shares her insights on corporate legal and management issues with us. Here are the excerpts from the Interview.

  • In the changing economic scenario, many Entrepreneurs are trying to consolidate their business and settle in Dubai. What advice do You give for them to be successful here?   

Dubai is one of the best places to settle down the business and manage. Especially, there is vast trend of incorporating holding companies. Jurisdictions like DIFC, JAFZA are providing various opportunities for this. Expatriates can register their Wills with DIFC Probate Registry. Lot of business families is consolidating their structure incorporating JAFZA offshore company also. Other jurisdictions in UAE like Abu Dhabi Global Market, Sharjah, RAK are also providing similar setups.

  • From your experience, how far protective are the government measures for the business community in Dubai?

There are various levels of protective measures put forward by the Govt. Authorized consultants and experts can guide entrepreneurs to avail these. Considering the competitive nature of the market, there are laws and practices for the insurance, trademark, bankruptcy etc. Entrepreneurs should ensure that the advices are received from trusted sources before proceeding.