Introducing Meta Pay


By Stephane Kasriel, Head of Commerce and FinTech

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  • We’re renaming Facebook Pay to Meta Pay.
  • Meta Pay will be the same as Facebook Pay. If you have previously set up Facebook Pay, then there’s no action required to start using Meta Pay.

Our company rebrand last year reinforced our commitment and vision to help build the next evolution of social connection — the metaverse. As Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday, we’re changing Facebook Pay to Meta Pay to bring our payments offering closer to our rebrand. 

Meta Pay will be the same easy, secure way for you to shop, send money and donate to causes you care about across our technologies, including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as anywhere you previously would’ve seen the Facebook Pay button while shopping online. Meta Pay’s features and overall user experience people know from Facebook Pay will remain the same. This change is first rolling out in the US and will roll out globally over time.

Just like with Facebook Pay, with Meta Pay people will be able to:

  • Add their preferred payment method once, then use Meta Pay where available to make payments and purchases across our technologies and while shopping elsewhere online.
  • View payment history, manage payment methods and update their settings in one place. 
  • Get 24/7 customer care via email or chat where available.

Security and Protection for Payments

We’ve offered trusted payment services since 2009. Today, we enable people and businesses in over 160 countries to make payments in 55 currencies.

We continue to invest in security. Just as with Facebook Pay, Meta Pay encrypts and securely stores your payment card numbers, performs anti-fraud monitoring on our systems to detect unauthorized activity and notifies you if that occurs. You can also create a Meta Pay PIN or use your device’s face or fingerprint recognition to secure every payment. 

How to Set up Meta Pay

If you have previously set up Facebook Pay, then there’s no action required to start using Meta Pay. All of your existing Facebook Pay information will remain the same in Meta Pay, including account details, your payment method and settings. If you’re new to Meta Pay, it’s easy to set up:

  1. Go to Payments settings. 
  2. Enter your payment method and account information. Meta Pay supports most major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal and Shop Pay.
  3. Use Meta Pay the next time you make a purchase, donate, or send money across our technologies or anywhere you see the Meta Pay button when shopping online. (Please note that availability, use cases and set up may vary.)
Product mock of Meta Pay on Messenger
Product mock of offsite checkout

What’s Next

Innovative products can help give people, businesses and creators more control over their finances. We see an incredible opportunity to develop financial products that connect people to the digital economy. 

Meta Pay plays an instrumental role in connecting people and businesses now and in the future. These connections will help drive growth across the metaverse ecosystem. It’s important to us that we’re making sending and receiving money as simple, fast and cheap as sending a message to anyone, anywhere. And that we’re offering trusted, convenient ways to pay for goods and services anywhere in the world. 

Learn more about Meta Pay.