Burberry has announced its introduction of a virtual handbag collection on Roblox, a global online platform connecting millions of people through shared experiences.

As part of the collaboration, each handbag is accompanied by an exclusive emote, a unique action that avatars can perform on Roblox, available to users for free for a limited time. The distinctive movements, such as levitation or dance, mirror each handbag’s design theme, with the levitation emote launching in tandem with the Cloud Lola bag, for example. 

During July 11-15, 2022, one limited-edition virtual Lola handbag and accompanying emote will be released at 5pm BST daily over a five-day period for purchase in the Roblox Avatar Marketplace. Each handbag and emote will be available to purchase for 24 hours only and can be owned on Roblox and worn across millions of experiences on the platform. 

Taking inspiration from the brand’s iconic Lola bag and Burberry’s long-standing affinity for nature and the outdoors, the exclusive limited-edition virtual Lola range is comprised of five unique handbags in experimental designs. Created in partnership with one of the Roblox community’s most established digital fashion designers, @Builder_Boy, and with one bag dropping every 24 hours from Monday 11th July, the announcement reflects Burberry’s commitment to experimenting with creativity and going beyond. 

Drawing on Burberry’s spirit of adventure with their playful aesthetic, the five exclusive virtual handbags are crafted from extraordinary materials including clouds, water and wild foliage. Community members can dress their avatars with the handbag to wear on Roblox as they explore the platform’s millions of user-generated worlds, encouraging self-expression and discovery. 

Rachel Waller, VP Channel Innovation at Burberry said: “We are thrilled to partner with Roblox to share a virtual handbag collection and to bring our iconic Lola bag to life in an entirely new creative way. The expression of our digital personas is a fascinating concept and one which we know is increasingly important to our customers. Roblox is a platform built on imagination, community and creativity pillars which are central to our brand, and we’re delighted to bring our virtual products to this community.” 

“For our global community of over 50 million daily active users, self-expression through digital fashion and personalization of avatars is an important part of their day-to-day experience on the platform,” said Christina Wootton, VP of global partnerships, Roblox. “Roblox enables people to be whoever they want to be, create and experiment with personal style and fashion. We are excited to welcome Burberry to our platform with this creative accessory line that expands our already vast collection of avatar personalization options with luxury items created in collaboration with our community.” 

About other digital experiences from Burberry
The collaboration with the Roblox creator community marks Burberry’s latest foray into digital fashion and follows the luxury house’s earlier virtual experiences:
October 2019: Burberry released its first game, B Bounce, followed by its extension Ratberry, in celebration of Chinese New Year, in January 2020.
July 2020: the luxury house’s first multiplayer game, B Surf, was launched in support of the TB Summer Monogram campaign. All games were developed in-house by Burberry’s digital teams.
August 2021: Burberry launched its first in-game NFT collection in partnership with Mythical Games.
June 2022: Burberry announced the continuation of its partnership with Mythical Games to release a second NFT collection in its flagship title, Blankos Block Party. The collection included a limited-edition Burberry Blanko, a unicorn named Minny B, as well as a selection of Burberry branded in-game accessories which players could add to their virtual portfolio. As part of the collaboration, the brand opened new spaces for its communities by creating a bespoke social space within the game where players could come together and enjoy a unique virtual experience.
About Samuel Jordan, @Builder_Boy
Samuel Jordan, also known as @Builder_Boy is an experience developer and one of the top selling digital fashion creators on Roblox. 
Joining Roblox in 2011 to play recreationally with his older brother, he transitioned over the years from player to creator, and has since proceeded to lead teams and create original games in the platform, including the popular title, Fairytale. 
In 2018, Jordan was contracted directly for Roblox to create maps for two of their site wide events. He was later selected to be part of the company’s Accelerator Program, a seed program run out of their headquarters in San Mateo California.
Acknowledged as a thought leader within the space, Jordan works with brands looking to create content for Roblox and within the metaverse, from fashion houses to artists alike.
About Roblox
Roblox is a global online platform reimagining the way people come together to connect, create and express themselves through immersive, interactive shared experiences.
Every day, millions of people around the world play, learn, communicate, and expand their friendships on Roblox as they explore millions of user-generated digital experiences, all built by creators on the platform.
The company’s mission is to connect billions of users with civility and optimism and support a safe and diverse community – one that inspires and fosters creativity and positive relationships among people around the world.
About Burberry
Burberry is a British luxury brand, headquartered in London, UK.
Founded in 1856, Burberry is listed on the London Stock Exchange (BRBY.L) and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 index.
BURBERRY, the Equestrian Knight Device, the Burberry Check and the Thomas Burberry Monogram and Print are trademarks belonging to Burberry.
About the Lola bag
The Lola bag is a soft silhouette punctuated with the Thomas Burberry Monogram clasp and a polished chain strap. The clasp celebrates the heritage of the brand and its founder, Thomas Burberry.
The Lola is a padded and softly constructed bag, hand-crafted in Italy. It is available in various fabrics, from Italian-tanned leather, to cotton canvas and raffia. Classic colourways include black, camel, primrose pink, and bright red. New colourways include orange, bright sky blue and vivid lime.