Nissan launches the all-new X-Trail in Japan


Debuting in 2000, the X-Trail went on to become a bestselling SUV and is widely viewed as an iconic Nissan. Over the years, Nissan has continued to evolve the X-Trail. The latest incarnation features leading-edge technologies, powerful performance and a level of equipment that only a genuine SUV offers.

The fourth-generation X-Trail maintains the “tough gear” concept from the first-generation model with an even greater focus on quality. The second-generation e-POWER electric powertrain system and e-4ORCE electric-drive all-wheel control technology raise the bar for its class. As an authentic SUV that combines tradition and innovation, the all-new X-Trail provides excitement in a wide range of scenarios, ranging from daily use to exciting outdoor adventures.

“As announced in Nissan Ambition 2030, Nissan aims to drive towards a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world through our products and services,” says Ashwani Gupta, Nissan’s chief operating officer. “With this in mind, we are electrifying major models, with the X-Trail for the Japan market becoming a dedicated e-POWER model with e-4ORCE an option. The new X-Trail will play an important role in leading our electrification.”

e-POWER and VC-Turbo engine provide powerful yet quiet acceleration
The all-new X-Trail features a completely redesigned platform that reduces body weight while increasing rigidity. A high level of cabin quietness has been achieved by insulating against road and powertrain noise.

The X-Trail comes equipped with the second-generation e-POWER system, which features improved power, smoothness and quietness. The system’s gasoline engine, the world’s first mass-produced variable compression ratio engine, serves as a generator to produce electricity. Specifically tuned for the e-POWER system, the VC-Turbo engine significantly improves output even at low revs. The combination of e-POWER and the VC-Turbo engine provides a powerful driving experience and unparalleled quietness, while maintaining high fuel efficiency.

e-Pedal Step reduces the need to apply the brakes by providing deceleration when the accelerator pedal is released. The function provides increased peace of mind and smoother driving on city roads, slippery surfaces and downhill slopes.

e-4ORCE changes the view of 4WD
The 4WD X-Trail is equipped with e-4ORCE, which integrates Nissan’s electric propulsion and 4WD control technologies with its chassis-control technology for a huge leap in acceleration, cornering and braking performance. e-4ORCE raises driving performance and confidence on a wide variety of road surfaces, while providing a supremely comfortable onboard experience for all occupants.

e-4ORCE delivers:

  • Intuitive driving: Instantly assessing the road surface and vehicle condition, e-4ORCE precisely controls the driving force and braking of the front and rear twin electric motors to maximize tire frictional force. This ensures smooth cornering and boosts driving confidence.
  • Confidence on all kinds of road surfaces: By always ensuring optimal traction, e-4ORCE minimizes wheel slippage and enables smooth starting and driving, even in slippery conditions.
  • Ride comfort for all: When decelerating, the front and rear motors control regenerative balance to stabilize the vehicle’s movement, ensuring a smooth ride for driver and passengers alike.
  • Powerful, smooth output: The high-output motors respond instantly to accelerator pedal pressure, delivering powerful yet smooth acceleration that makes merging onto expressways easy.

Advanced technologies
The all-new X-Trail features a wide range of safety technologies that support driving in a variety of conditions.

  • Nissan Safety Assist 360 utilizes cameras, radar and sonar to constantly monitor the vehicle’s surroundings and can take safety steps if necessary.
  • An SOS call service can provide assistance in the event of an emergency.*1
  • An adaptive LED headlight system enables use of the high beam in conjunction with the low beam to illuminate surrounding areas even when there are preceding or oncoming vehicles.
  • Navi-link has been added to ProPILOT, Nissan’s autonomous drive technology designed for highway use in single-lane traffic.*2 ProPILOT with Navi-link reduces the frequency of driver operations by supporting vehicle speed changes in line with posted speed limits, as well as deceleration support for curves.
  • ProPILOT Park controls the steering, accelerator, brakes, gear shift and the parking brake for precise, safe parking in a wide variety of situations.

Sturdiness and premium quality

  • The all-new X-Trail’s exterior raises the bar for SUVs by combining the “tough gear” legacy of the first-generation with even higher levels of quality. The headlamps have a two-layer structure, with the position lamps and turn lamps at the top and the main lamps below. The boomerang-shaped rear combination lamps use a delicate faceted pattern that conveys exquisite workmanship.
  • The interior design gives a feeling of both toughness and premium quality. The center console has a bridge structure that includes a large cup holder and storage space. The console lid also functions as an armrest. Roll-down sunshades are installed on the rear windows to enhance interior comfort.
  • The lineup features 12 body colors, including five two-tone options and Cardinal Red, which is inspired by the deep crimson hues of a rose. Four seat materials are available: black fabric, premium tan Nappa leather, Nissan’s exclusively developed Tailor Fit™ and Cell-Cloth®, a water-repellant material that’s ideal for people who enjoy outdoor activities like skiing and marine sports.

User-friendly features

  • The 12.3-inch Advanced Drive Assist Display has two display modes. The 12.3-inch NissanConnect navigation system in the center display has a voice recognition function that enables operation using everyday language and Amazon Alexa*3 for greater convenience. The large 10.8-inch head-up display allows the driver to see information while watching the road.
  • The luggage space is best-in-class*4 and its large opening makes it easy to load and unload luggage.
  • The Bose Premium Sound System*5 is tuned exclusively for the X-Trail and provides a premium sound experience.
  • The 100V AC power source has a maximum output of 1500W and can be used as an emergency power source.
Drivetraine-POWER system engineSeat rowsGradePrice* (yen)
2S e-4ORCE3,479,300
X e-4ORCE3,799,400
G e-4ORCE4,499,000
3X e-4ORCE3,930,300

*Japan-market recommended retail price (including consumption tax)

*1 NissanConnect registration required

*2 ProPILOT Assist with Navi-link is an optional set together with the NissanConnect navigation system

*3 Amazon, Alexa and their respective logos are the trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates

*4 May 2022; source Nissan

*5 Bose is a registered trademark of Bose Corporation in the United States

Note: Functions can depend on model grade or be factory-installed options. For details, please see the product catalog.

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