Sultan Buti Bin Mejren Opens the 19th edition of the International Property Show


Sultan Buti Bin Mejren, Director-General of Dubai Land Department (DLD), today opened the 19th edition of the International Property Show, which takes place from 12th to 14th February 2023 at Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE.

The event, which witnessed the participation of more than 120 property exhibitors from more than 40 countries across the globe, was attended by Dawood Al Shezawi, Chairman of the International property show, Tariq Ramadan, the exhibition director, In addition to the DLD Executive Directors, and a significant number of foremost experts and key players in the real estate industry.

IPS 2023, organised by Strategic Conferences & Exhibitions under the patronage of DLD, is one of the largest property platforms in the Middle East for local and global markets.

Dawood Al Shezawi, International Property Show Chairman, said that IPS 2023 is organised concurrently with the launch of Dubai Economic Agenda D33, and in line with the sustainable development strategy adopted by Dubai, where the property market represents more than 9 percent of the emirate’s GDP, adding that he expects that “the market will witness many more promising investment opportunities following the real estate sector’s economic recovery of 2022”.

“IPS 2023 is a unique opportunity for property developers, leading global architecture firms & consultancies along with real estate stakeholders to showcase the latest innovative services in the various real estate markets, which boosts Dubai’s real estate ecosystem”, Al Shezawi added.

At IPS 2023, property developers and sub-developers will showcase a package of investment opportunities in the presence of a large gathering of prospective buyers in addition to displaying various real estate projects from many participating countries, including the USA, Pakistan, The Philippines, Georgia, and Colombia, among many other companies. This allows prospective buyers to choose from a variety of offerings and also promotes investment in diversified projects in addition to catering to the needs of residents or global visitors who are interested to invest in the real estate sector.

Accompanied by a group of event participants and delegates, Bin Mejren toured the International Property Show, visiting the pavilions of several participating local and global government & private organisations, which showcased the services, investment opportunities, and various experiences in the real estate markets. This supports the growth of real estate and boosts its role as one of the sectors that effectively contribute to comprehensive development and growth.

Participants in IPS 2023 lauded the 19th edition of IPS as an event that puts forward new, different ideas while taking place concurrently with the UAE’s current policy of providing remarkable support to the vital real estate sector, which is viewed as a major pillar of the UAE economy.

The event participants and delegates also described IPS as an event that aims to provide an opportunity for government and private sectors alike to share their aspirations in the fields of real estate development and property brokerage through a broad range of panel discussions that bring together a variety of officials and other stakeholders in the industry in addition to addressing the sector’s challenges & obstacles as well as coming up with recommendations to support the real estate sector.

IPS is an effective platform for exhibiting, said Husni Al Bayari, Chairman & Founder of D&B Properties, explaining that it’s significant that Dubai, which hosts the event, is viewed as an ideal environment to promote and seize opportunities in the real estate landscape.

Giovanna Guzman, CEO, International Realty Group (IRG), expressed her pleasure to participate in IPS, which she described as the Middle East’s largest real estate platform, noting that the event is providing IRG with a unique opportunity to promote the company’s trademark on a large scale and expand their business through extensive networking with other companies.

The second day of IPS 2023 will feature 3 panel discussions. The first panel is entitled “Real Estate Leaders’ Perspective on The Development Sector; Opportunities, Threats, Regulations, and Technology”. The second panel is entitled “Digital Transformation: Technology and the Transformation of the Property Sector”. The third panel discussion will discuss the pioneers of real estate views on the market outlook and buyers’ behavior. Also, several renowned speakers will provide their thoughtful insights to the event participants in addition to a chat on “Real Estate Funds: Challenges & Horizons”.

IPS 2023 comprises, in addition to an exhibition hall, a package of features & activities, including the Main Conference, B2C/B2B meetings, workshop & Training for stakeholders and professionals in the real estate sector. The event will also witness the organising of the second edition of the “Property Think Tank Programme” in partnership with the Property Network Partnership, and the Young Professionals Network (YPN) Congress, in partnership with the Young Professionals Network.