twofour54 launches ‘The Community Hub’ to empower creatives and startups


 twofour54 today launched ‘The Community Hub’, a collaborative co-creating space that brings together gamers, aspiring filmmakers, storytellers, animators, freelancers, start-ups, and SME content creators.

The Community Hub is located at the heart of Yas Creative Hub, the first purpose-built development for media, entertainment and gaming in the region. It features an array of spaces, from private meeting rooms and lounges, to a screening room and brainstorming areas. This unique space will empower and enable creatives to connect, collaborate, and realise their full potential by leveraging the power of connectivity across the increasingly overlapping creative industries.

The Community Hub will also connect members with twofour54’s established partners, enabling invaluable business and networking opportunities.

Mark Whitehead, Chief Executive Officer, twofour54, said, “At twofour54, each partner brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and makes the community richer and stronger. Research shows that the greatest impact starts with empowering local communities. By introducing the Community Hub, creatives and entrepreneurs will have access to resources that will help them address tomorrow’s most pressing issues. The hub will be an engine of ideation, igniting new projects, and businesses and empowering creative talent to grow as they hone their skills side by side with like-minded peers and the industry’s best.”

The Community Hub has been built in response to a growing need in the market. It provides young talent with mentorship opportunities, enabling career progression and ultimately ownership of their full-fledged projects. Beyond its purpose as a private and flexible working space for individuals within the creative industry, The Community Hub provides a medium through which creatives and freelancers can learn from each other, interact with one another, and work together towards growing the creative industry in the UAE.

The Community Hub includes the growing community of AD Gaming, the aspiring filmmakers of Arab Film Studio, and the budding young talent of the Creative Lab. The AD Gaming Hub houses a gaming Centre of Excellence established by software developer Unity Technologies, where students, professionals and small businesses can learn and acquire the skills needed to succeed in the ever-growing regional gaming industry.

The Creative Lab and The Arab Film Studio, aim to support its participants by cultivating their talent and building their experiences through internships, workshops, and courses.

NVIDIA is also launching its studio at twofour54’s Community Hub to support aspiring artists and industry professionals. The NVIDIA Studio comprises 10 state-of-the-art Studio computers equipped with the latest GeForce RTX Studio GPUs, alongside NVIDIA RTX accelerated applications. This means regional content creators will benefit from smoother, faster, and more efficient workflows and see their ambitious projects come to life. NVIDIA will also provide a range of training sessions and events to bring the community together and enhance the skills of creative professionals across the emirate.

Creative hubs incubated some 1.2 million individuals globally before the COVID-19 pandemic. In its capacity as a long-term destination for the creative community, The Community Hub will offer businesses in the UAE and beyond seeking access to a network of creative and media professionals a path to help accelerate media innovation. It caters to the needs of anyone looking to find flexible, interesting ways to help their business grow and flourish.