Dubai-Based Aesthetic Expert Dr. Khan Applauds Harvard Study Unveiling Ageing Clock to Accelerate and Reverse Ageing


A breakthrough study by Harvard-backed scientists in the United States of America earlier this year had discovered – an ageing clock capable of accelerating and potentially reversing the ageing process. While the study was carried out on mice, its findings mark a significant milestone in unraveling the mechanisms behind cellular ageing.

The study has sparked worldwide interest due to its implications on human health and longevity. By uncovering the factors that contribute to cellular ageing, the researchers have laid the foundation for exploring strategies to slow down or even reverse this natural process.

Dubai based, leading aesthetic practitioner Dr. Khan who is the Medical Director at Drypskin Clinic said, “The findings of this remarkable study bring us closer to understanding the intricate mechanisms of ageing at a cellular level. This knowledge opens up exciting possibilities for developing innovative interventions to improve the quality of life as we age.”

Dr. Khan is a UK, Ireland and US trained age reversal and wellness specialist offering a range of dermatological and anti-ageing procedures and treatments and is the go-to beauty expert for A-list celebrities. He has been at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge research into clinical practice.

Dr. Khan stressed, “The insights gained from this research have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach ageing. By targeting specific cellular processes, we may be able to develop therapies that slow down the ageing clock and rejuvenate the skin, helping individuals look and feel younger.”

With a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) and a postgraduate degree from the UK and Ireland, Dr. Khan has over 14 years of clinical experience spanning Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, he is a distinguished member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine USA and is currently pursuing a fellowship in functional medicine.

Dr. Khan’s extensive experience in both clinical and non-clinical domains has enabled him to address a wide range of patient needs arising from chronic diseases through transformative cosmetic and clinical dermatology. His passion for aesthetics, combined with his clinical experience and knowledge, allow Dr. Khan to provide focused, targeted outcomes for his clients.

Dr. Khan is also a health economist, and health policy expert from London School of Economics (LSE), who not only enjoys practicing the full breadth of medical, aesthetic, and cosmetic medicine, but feels passionately towards value of healthcare. He strongly believes in a patient-centric approach and advocates for frameworks that prioritize patient experience and outcomes. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Khan has served many reputed public and private clients in various capacities, providing consultation on health economic policy, strategic development, tactical purchasing, operational excellence, and clinical transformation. Health agencies and regulators across the region regularly seek his advice.