Ducab forms Youth Council to support UAE’s national agenda to empower young talent


    Ducab Group, one of the biggest end-to-end energy solutions providers and manufacturing firms in the UAE, has announced plans to form its own Youth Council on 12th August 2023 to foster a thriving and inclusive community and actively engage young employees in the company’s decision-making processes.

    The newly established Ducab Youth Council will catalyse positive change and progress within the company, offering a new and supportive platform that advocates for the needs and aspirations of the Group’s young Emirati team members, nurturing their growth and development to become future leaders in their respective fields.

    “Ducab’s vision is for the Youth Council to act as a driving force for positive change, empowering and advocating for the aspirations, growth, and wellbeing of the company’s talented young team members,” said Mona Fekri, Chief Human Capital Officer at Ducab. “This critical step is in alignment with the UAE Government’s strategic directions to empower young people and facilitate their role in public life, the community, and in businesses across various sectors.”

    “The establishment of the Ducab Youth Council serves to optimise the way we invest the energies and talents of our young employees,” Fekri added.

    Ducab has set a series of key objectives for the council, namely, Empowerment, where the Council aims to provide young employees with the necessary tools and resources to become future leaders within the company; Professional Development through skill-building programmes, training courses, and mentorship opportunities, helping young talent grow both personally and professionally; and Innovative Initiatives, which encourage creativity and innovation, driving fresh ideas and solutions.

    Also on the list of objectives are Health and Support Activities designed to promote the well-being of the youth in health, sports, and leisure, fostering a balanced and healthy lifestyle, in addition to Bridging Communication Gaps, by acting as a liaison between the younger employees and senior management; Promoting a Positive Workplace Culture, where employees feel motivated, supported, and encouraged to achieve their full potential, and finally, Making an Organisational Impact, where the council aims to make a positive impact on Ducab’s overall performance by nurturing and developing the potential of its young workforce.