7 cool features to try in the Amazon Shopping app


With features like Virtual Try-On and Inspire, Amazon’s mobile app makes your shopping experience interactive and fun.Even if you’ve been a longtime Amazon customer, you may not be aware of all the features available to level up your shopping experience. The app is loaded with fun and useful tools that can help you discover new products and give you confidence in your purchases.

Need some inspiration for a new home project? Check out the Inspire tab for content ideas from your favorite creators. Not sure if a new piece of furniture will fit in your living room? The View in Your Room feature can help you measure the right size with augmented reality.

Here are 7 features of the Amazon Shopping app you may not know about.

  • 1. Inspire
  • Amazon shopping app features
  • Looking to discover new products and ideas? Amazon’s Inspire tab lets you explore shoppable content created by other customers and influencers without ever leaving the app. You can also upload your own photos and videos featuring your favorite products directly from your phone to share with the community.
  • 2.Find on Amazon
  • Find on Amazon
  • If you’ve ever fallen for an item while browsing online and wondered where to get one for yourself, the Find on Amazon feature has your back. Whether you’re scrolling the web or social media, just hit the Share button and select Find products on Amazon to be directed to a page inside the app filled with similar products. It’s that simple—you don’t even need the item’s name.
  • 3.View in Your RoomAmazon shopping app featuresTrying to picture how a new piece of furniture or home decor will fit in your space is never easy, but you don’t have to with Amazon’s View in Your Room feature. Using augmented reality, you can see how a sofa or TV will look, and more importantly, make sure there’s enough room. A recent update lets you arrange items like a lamp or coffee maker on tabletop surfaces too.
  • 4.Consult-a-FriendAnytime you’re in need of a second opinion on a new purchase, the Consult-a-Friend feature lets you seek feedback in a fun way. By sharing a Consult-a-Friend link with your friends, they’ll be able to view the product, and add comments or react with a playful or disapproving emoji. All their feedback is conveniently located in the Amazon Shopping app—making it easy to see everyone’s responses in one place.
  • 5.Skincare Quiz
  • Amazon shopping app features
  • Even the most knowledgeable skincare fans need help determining what type of cleanser or moisturizer might be best for them with so many great options to choose from in our stores. Amazon’s Skincare Quiz gives you a starting place by recommending products just for you. To get your personalized results, just open the in-app quiz and answer a few simple questions about your skin type.
  • 6.Virtual Try-OnAmazon shopping app featuresThere’s nothing quite like seeing exactly how a new purchase will look on you to make you feel confident in your purchase. Amazon’s Virtual Try-On feature brings the in-store experience to your mobile device by using augmented reality to help you visualize a new pair of sneakers or sunglasses yourself, as well as lip colors and eyeshadow in real time, wherever you are. The feature is available on thousands of items from hundreds of brands including adidas, New Balance, Ray-Ban, bareMinerals, L’Oreal, and more. Plus, with just one tap, you can seamlessly swap between colors and compare how items look on you.
  • 7.View in 3D
  • When shopping for products online, sometimes it’s challenging to find a picture that shows you exactly what you’d like to see. Amazon’s View in 3D shopping feature, available on millions of products worldwide, provides an in-hand like experience to help you inspect a product at your leisure and determine whether it is right for you. Using View in 3D, you are able to see a 3D model of the product and can rotate, pinch, and zoom to see it from all angles, in great detail.