Tarbela strengthens Pakistan’s power grid: Capacity to reach 6,418 MW in 2025


ISLAMABAD, 1st April, 2024 (WAM) — Pakistan’s Tarbela Power House is poised for a significant leap in electricity generation capacity. According to official sources, upon completion of the ongoing 1,530-megawatt (MW) 5th Extension project, Tarbela will become the country’s largest hydropower generation unit, boasting a staggering capacity of 6,418 MW, Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) reported today.

This significant increase represents a jump from the existing capacity of 4,888 MW. The 5th Extension Hydropower Project is expected to be commissioned in 2025, marking a major milestone for Pakistan’s energy sector.

The project not only promises a substantial boost in power generation but also offers significant economic and environmental benefits. Officials estimate that the Tarbela 5th Extension will generate a staggering 1.347 billion units of low-cost and environmentally friendly electricity annually. This clean energy source will contribute to a more sustainable energy mix for Pakistan.

Furthermore, the project has received crucial financial backing from international institutions. The World Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank are providing US$ 390 million and $300 million respectively, demonstrating confidence in Pakistan’s commitment to expanding its clean energy infrastructure.