Two Key Dubai Customs Centers Demonstrate Vigilance: Over 181,000 Inspections and 30 Seizures in 2023


Dubai Customs keeps pace with the rapid development of the Emirate of Dubai by enhancing the department’s ability to protect the community. This is achieved through improving the readiness of its customs centers and elevating their performance levels in combating all attempts to smuggle prohibited materials into the UAE through Dubai’s border crossings. The Creek & Deira Wharfage, and Hamriyah Port customs centers, which fall under the Sea Customs Centers Management, are among the centers that contribute effectively to community protection. In 2023 alone, these centers conducted 181,062 inspections, resulting in 30 major seizures. Continuously, the two centers consistently succeed in facilitating maritime trade. They processed 110,483 customs declarations.

Rashid Al-Dhabbah Al-Suwaidi, Acting Director of Sea Customs Centers Management emphasized the significance of the achievements at these centers in community protection while facilitating maritime trade. This is achieved through developing the capabilities of customs inspectors and equipping them with the necessary skills to carry out inspection operations promptly. The efficiency of inspectors and the advanced level of inspection devices at maritime customs centers, such as the giant X-ray container scanner at Hamriyah Port Customs Center, support increased inspection operations.

Al Suwaidi added, “We are committed to enhancing the development of  the Creek & Deira Wharfage, and Hamriyah Port customs centers through the implementation of new projects and mechanisms in inspection. These projects support the capabilities of the centers in inspecting goods, dhows, and ships used in fish trade, allowing us to achieve the best levels of success in implementing customs seizures to protect the community from the risks and harms of attempted smuggling of prohibited materials.”

The Acting Director of the Sea Customs Centers Management emphasized that Dubai Customs applies the highest international standards and best practices to enhance the skills and capabilities of customs inspectors. Our customs centers have proven their ability to efficiently detect smuggling attempts, regardless of the camouflage and concealment methods used. Inspectors at our customs centers, with their experience and efficiency in conducting inspection operations, are able to access prohibited materials and prevent their entry into the UAE through Dubai’s border crossings.