Ajman Bank supports the ‘Relieve My Worries and Make My Family Happy’ initiative with a donation of 635,674 Dirhams


In response to the humanitarian initiative ‘Relieve My Worries and Make My Family Happy’ launched by the Ajman Police Punitive and Correctional Institutions, Ajman Bank donated 635,674 dirhams. This initiative aims to settle the debts of inmates struggling with financial issues and legal dues to facilitate their release. It also supports their families who are experiencing difficult living conditions in the absence of their breadwinners. The donation contributes to settling the financial obligations of inmates sentenced in various financial cases at the penal and reform institution in Ajman.

Mr. Mustafa Al Khalfawi, Group CEO of Ajman Bank, stated, “Eid brings families together and ‘Relieve My Worries and Make My Family Happy’ is a great initiative by the Ajman Police Punitive and Correctional Institutions that we are proud to support. It reflects our dedication to alleviating hardship and fostering a culture of empathy and support within the communities we serve. The principles of compassion and social cohesion are at the heart of Ajman Bank’s CSR strategy.”

Colonel Mohammed Mubarak Al Ghafli, Director of Ajman Police Punitive and Correctional Institutions, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Ajman Bank for their support of this humanitarian initiative, praising their noble contribution and efforts in providing humanitarian aid in collaboration with Ajman Police.

The Director of Ajman Police Punitive and Correctional Institutions added that settling the debts of inmates detained on financial charges reflects the community’s response to the humanitarian and social message and goals of the Ministry of Interior. He called on businessmen, banks, financial institutions, associations, charitable and civil institutions, and interested parties to interact with the initiative and extend a helping hand to this segment of struggling inmates, appreciating the financial circumstances that forced them to remain incarcerated, emphasizing the importance of enhancing cooperation and communication among different segments of society in the humanitarian field to contribute to advancing charitable work and achieving common social goals.

The bank’s management expressed its appreciation for the General Command of Ajman Police for its security contributions in the emirate and its relentless efforts to improve service to its various sectors, affirming that this support aims to strengthen the bonds of cooperation between Ajman Police and Ajman Bank by supporting this initiative and achieving the goals set for it.


About Ajman Bank

Ajman Bank is an Islamic bank with an ambitious vision based on values of integrity, trust and transparency seeks to provide a wide range of Sharia-compliant and high-quality banking services to customers from individuals, companies and government institutions across the UAE. It is also keen to be updated with the latest technology that will ensure customers a distinctive experimental banking with the revival of human touch that is lost in the modern era of banking application.

Ajman Bank is headquartered in Ajman and enjoys the strong support of the Government of Ajman and is a key pillar in the emirate’s economic development strategy. The bank continues its tireless efforts to establish a prominent position in the banking sector as a sustainable Islamic banking institution, with an emphasis on the need to achieve an optimal balance in the community and caring staff, in order to provide real value for shareholders and customers alike. For more information visit http://www.ajmanbank.ae

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