Digitalizing Japanese Enterprises with Hakuhodo


We’re taking the Next Big Step in Asia by partnering with Hakuhodo, one of the top advertising and PR agencies in Japan. Our joint effort is a full-service package called Innovation Generator. It enables Japanese enterprises to build and grow innovative digital services.

In 2013, we opened our Tokyo office with big plans to make our mark out here.

It has surprised me how fast the Japanese society is evolving around technology. The demand for good quality digital innovation is huge. With the 2020 Olympics coming up, the digital landscape in Tokyo is pressured to adjust quickly – many Japanese digital services still don’t work too well for foreign visitors.

Over the years we’ve designed and shipped great digital services with great Japanese companies. Financial services, IoT, mobile applications, wearables, eCommerce, robots, heavy industry. We have found amazing clients and hired a strong multi-disciplinary team to Tokyo.

The ambition levels have gone up at every step along the way.We want to make an even more substantial impact on Japanese businesses and society.

This year we got to know some great people from Hakuhodo, and started working together in a high-profile project for a large Japanese enterprise customer. Our business is all about people and let me tell you, Hakuhodo sure understands people. There is no company that has more insight on Japanese consumers, businesses, or people running them.

Seeing the potential, we decided to make this collaboration bigger, and now I’m proud to announce the result: Innovation Generator!

The Generator is a comprehensive digital technology support service aimed for Japanese enterprise companies. Together with Hakuhodo, we help companies develop new businesses and digitalize their existing businesses. Our mission is to build the greatest digital services in Japan.

The last three years in Japan have really taught our team about the importance of relationships and local culture here. With Hakuhodo and Reaktor joining forces, we’ll be able to design, develop and grow the best services in the Japanese market. The variety of the combined track-record of our companies is unmatched.