Space Hotels’ affiliates: a fine example of the importance of web reputation


According to an analysis carried out by Travel Appeal, the web reputation of the group’s hotels is clearly superior to other Italian hotels.

With regards to online reputation, we are all well aware of the important influence it has on the choices we make every day. When we are looking for a particular restaurant, store or supermarket, the first thing we do is a web search to see what users have said about it. How can a business become aware of its own web reputation? Space Hotels, the Italian group with over forty years’ experience in the hospitality sector, has been keeping pace with change and has built advantageous working relationships to monitor and respond to the evolving needs of its clientele. Thanks to a recent project with Travel Appeal, Space Hotels has been able to confirm the satisfaction of its clients via the web.

Through an analysis of over 60,000 comments on the web and over 270,000 reviews from September 2016 to October 2017, Travel Appeal identified the level of satisfaction of guests who stayed at Space Hotels’ affiliates and then extrapolated data related to client satisfaction, which were very positive.

In fact, 88% of Space Hotels’ affiliates showed a positive sentiment with respect to the 83.6% seen for Italian hotels in general. This result comes from an analysis that looked at hospitality in general, hotel location, staff helpfulness, guest rooms, cleanliness, meals and services offered, as well as access to and cost of Wi-Fi. Some of the specific results were: hotel location 94.5% vs 89.1% for Italian hotels in general; staff helpfulness 95.5% vs 90.7%; cleanliness 93.8% vs 88.3%. These excellent levels of guest satisfaction are the result of Space Hotels’ longstanding commitment to its clientele.

The analysis method.
The heart of Travel Appeal is an artificial intelligence system that collects, evaluates and analyses thousands of pieces of online information precisely and completely in real time. It then transforms the results into intelligent and concrete suggestions and actions to be taken immediately in order to improve one’s reputation. Travel Appeal uses a semantic engine specialised for the hospitality sector (accommodation, meals, attractions, culture, transport, etc.) that can “read” individual comments, find specific words and interpret the opinion given. Every comment contributes to the overall percentage of the sentiment; i.e., the level of positive perception of a hotel.

Travel Appeal
Travel Appeal is a B2B startup owned by H-FARM that collects and analyses online data regarding the travel sector in real time. It uses an artificial intelligence system that interprets and transforms data into practical advice that tour operators can use to improve their positioning and digital reputation, thus having a positive impact on their revenue and the management of their priorities and operations. Travel Appeal offers both software to individual businesses (hotels, B&Bs, campgrounds, restaurants, museums, etc.) and specific analysis solutions to groups, chains, consortia and local authorities (DMO, DMC, tourist bodies, etc.). Travel Appeal has recently created a new “virtual assistant” based on its chatbot that allows hospitality operators to simplify and improve interaction with their clients and collect further data on their behaviour in order to optimise marketing. Travel Appeal was founded by Mirko Lalli in January 2014 and now has a staff of 30 and two offices, one at the H-FARM Campus in Treviso and one in Florence.


About Space Hotels
Space Hotels, a hospitality group founded in 1974, has a unique collection of over 60 three to five star hotels in 35 business and leisure destinations throughout Italy. The Space Hotels offer includes: business or leisure stays; organisation of meetings and conferences; fine cuisine by some of the best Italian chefs; relaxation, massages and saunas in elegant spas and wellness centres. Room rates always include complimentary Wi-Fi, breakfast and a bottle of water. Reservations can be made through a toll-free number 800.813.013, the GDS (code SX) or the website