Get the ‘X Factor’ for Your Home with A/W 2018 Collection from 2XL Furniture & Home Décor


The festive season is around the corner and it is time to dress your home incorporating the latest interior design trends. 2XL Furniture & Home Décor has just unveiled its spectacular autumn-winter living room collection. Individuality, ingenuity and creativity are the hallmarks of this gorgeous line designed to make every celebration special.

Amit Yadav, Head of Marketing at 2XL, said, “Vintage style of furniture in retro tones is definitely in. There is a strong focus on self-expressive colours such as burgundy and blue. When it comes to the soft sofas, armchairs, and ottomans, we are seeing a trend for rich and luxurious expressions in velvet. Therefore, our designers this season have composed unique ambiances combining luxurious sofas with exquisite glass and metal accessories.  In keeping with the mood, the distinctive lustre of gold is everywhere”.

 A/W 2018 Top Colours

Tobby 3-Seat Sofa: AED 5,538
Tobby Armchair: AED 1,778

 Be Bold with Blue
A timeless classic, navy blue is set to be huge this autumn winter in interior design. The sophisticated dark blue tone is perfect for both a traditional design style and for those looking to achieve a modern look. The blue and white combination used here by designers at 2XL Furniture & Home Decor introduces warmth to the room without dominating it. Working with a limited monochrome palette punctuated by contrasting accessories they have created a striking design scheme.

Get the Look: Stick to just two main colours. Create a sense of intrigue by painting the wall in a dramatic dark blue shade and team it up with abstract artwork. A cluster of white background frames gives a nod to nostalgia and makes a great wall display. If you are worried about the blue colour overwhelming the space bring in a large glass chandelier that will offset the dark tones and will turn into a spectacular centerpiece.

Hive 3-Seat Burgundy Sofa: AED 5,227
Hive Burgundy Armchair: AED 3,297

Burgundy is Beautiful
These luscious burgundy sofas draped in velvet from 2XL Furniture & Home Décor are not only comfortable but fit a variety of styles and settings. Combining timeless classicism with contemporary touches, the designers at 2XL make a tasteful statement. Burgundy with beige or gold is a match made in heaven. It gives a sophisticated feel without being overwhelming.

Get the Look: Elegant yet cozy and simple with a stunning texture. These beautiful pieces make a big impact when styled with the right accessories. The pendant lights will definitely be a topic for conversation during any evening. These hanging lights are a work of art that can totally transform a room. Throw in some brass finishes and you’re bang on trend! 

Scottsdale Velvet Armchair in Green: AED 2,096

Wow with Velvet
Rubbing your hand over a silky-smooth velvet fabric is always a wonderful feeling yet most people struggle to incorporate velvet in their homes. However, this season it is really big on the design scene. According to 2XL Furniture & Home Décor design team “There are many ways of bringing velvet into your home. A velvet armchair can instantly add glamour to a living space without being overbearing. Try pairing a velvet armchair against a bold colour wall or a graphic wall paper. Another way to introduce the fabric to your interior are cushions with velvet covers. The trick is to go for furniture sporting simple and sculptural shapes upholstered in velvet. The mix of different textures and materials too tones down the richness of the fabric. Always keep an eye on colours that collaborate rather than clash.”

From left to right: Medium Round Tea Can: AED 265, Flower Marble Base: AED 209 and Ball Small Gold: AED 62

Add a Sparkle
Infuse glamour in your living and dining spaces with metallic accents. 2XL Furniture & Home Décor has a wide range of accessories to brighten up your rooms this season. Amit said “Gold or brass toned furniture or center tables can add personality to any interior style. At the same time a colourful interior can be toned down with natural elements like wood and metal. You can either go for statement pieces of furniture or smaller decorative items to perk up coffee tables. Both gold and copper provide a warming, sophisticated glow that can be easily incorporated into interior schemes to add an element of understated, cool luxury.”

From left to right: Chandelier Brass / Amber: AED 1,831; Tealight Holder: AED 77 and Oval Light Glass Cloche: AED 160

Light it Up
Whether you are looking to create an intimate and intense mood or a relaxed and casual setting, lighting has a huge impact on aesthetics and functionality. Amit stressed, “Illumination is a crucial element in all design schemes and the secret lies in details. Balance of light in a room can be changed to create different moods. For a living room central chandelier and table lamps are a good option to provide vintage glamour and elegance. As a rule, darker rooms require more ambient lighting as dark colours absorb more light. To add glamour in a room with low ceiling, select a style that is wider than it is tall for best effect. Pendant lights suspended from the top over a centre table such as the ones in the latest collection at 2XL Furniture & Home Décor are a great way to make a statement.”

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