Sheikha Bodour receives Nobel Laureate at AUS


Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi, the President of American University of Sharjah (AUS), welcomed
Nobel Prize-winning economist Sir Christopher Pissarides to the AUS campus on February 16.
The visit was organized by the School of Business Administration (SBA) as part of its
Distinguished Lecture Series, which was held as part of the AUS Silver Jubilee celebrations.

After welcoming the Nobel Prize-winning economist Sir Christopher, Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi,
attended his lecture on “The Future of Work and Well-being” where he highlighted his expertise
in the economics of labor markets, economic growth, and structural change. The Nobel
Laureate engaged with students and faculty to discuss current economic developments and the
implications of artificial intelligence and automation in the labor market.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Susan Mumm, Chancellor of AUS, welcomed the attendees noting:
“This lecture is part of a year-long celebration of the founding of AUS 25 years ago by High
Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed AlQasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and
Ruler of Sharjah, a great social visionary whose educational and cultural ambitions have made
Sharjah a unique and wonderful place for all those who love learning. This day is further special
for AUS as it gives me the opportunity to extend a joyful welcome to AUS’ new President.”

As a Nobel Prize laureate in economics, Sir Christopher brought a wealth of expertise to the
table, engaging with students and faculty on the most pressing issues facing the global
economy today while also discussing the future of work and well-being.

Attendees were treated to an enlightening discussion about the implications of automation and
artificial intelligence on employment and the labor market. Sir Christopher’s insights into the
impact of COVID-19 on the future of work were particularly illuminating, highlighting the need for
agile and innovative approaches to ensure economic growth and stability.

“The future of work will be dominated by digital technologies. This needs to be handled well by
governments and companies. Workers [also] need to be better involved with company policies
and [the latter] need to pay more attention to the quality of their jobs, not just pay,” concluded
Sir Christopher in his lecture.

As President of the European Economic Association and a member of numerous prestigious
societies and institutions, Sir Christopher is renowned for his work on the economics of labor
markets, economic growth, and structural change. His contributions have been instrumental in
shaping the field of labor economics, and his book “Equilibrium Unemployment Theory” is
considered a foundational reference in the study of unemployment.

Speaking on the importance of the event, Dr. Narjess Boubakri, Dean of SBA, said, “We are
honored to have Sir Christopher Pissarides speak to our students and faculty about some of the
most crucial and relevant issues facing the fast-changing business world today. This is such a
relevant topic in the fourth Industrial Revolution, where artificial intelligence and robotics have
dominated all aspects of our lives, whether in the workplace, our studies or even at home. All
this leads us to question the future of work and well-being, which we have learned more about
from Sir Christopher. In SBA, we have always believed in the importance of keeping our finger
on the pulse of the economy and in preserving our vital role as an integrator between the
industry and students. Having Sir Christopher speak to our students today is part of our mission
in graduating global citizens who are more than capable of contributing to the UAE’s
development agenda and building its knowledge economy, while having a wider understanding
of the issues that affect the world today and impact its future,”

The visit by Sir Christopher Pissarides to AUS is a testament to the commitment of the faculty
and administration to providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a
fast-changing world. For more information about the AUS School of Business Administration,