Hina Bakht Highlights the Importance of Unified Customer
Experience Across All Touch Points at Global Marketing Day 2023


Speaking on ‘Social selling & social media: how it works and why it matters’ at the Global
Marketing Day 2023 organized by Semrush, Hina Bakht, Managing Director of EVOPS
Marketing and PR, stressed on the need for a unified CXM (Customer Experience
Management). The 24-hour non-stop marketing conference featured 48 sessions with top
speakers from leading brands, including Google, Meta, Adobe, Microsoft, HubSpot, Nestle,
Vimeo, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. The event, broadcasted live on YouTube from studios
in New York, London, and Dubai, attracted more than 100,000 registrations from 175
countries and covered the latest trends and strategies for marketers looking to stay ahead in
the industry.
The panel on social selling was moderated by Tom Kiehn (Managing Director and Cofounder
at Snow Hill) and included Mohamed Salah (Head of Enterprise and Industry Marketing –
Middle East & Africa at Microsoft); Hina Bakht, Managing Director, EVOPS Marketing and
PR; and Marisha Lakhiani, VP of marketing, Mindvalley.
Hina said, “It was wonderful to participate in the Global Marketing Day 2023 which is a great
platform to share knowledge and learn from the vast and diverse experiences of other
experts. I am really grateful to Semrush, a leading online visibility management platform, for
making this possible. With topics ranging from branding, social media, content, creative
campaigns, and the future of work, this extraordinary event also offered an excellent
opportunity for attendees to know the latest trends and strategies in our industry.”
Hina stressed, “Social selling and social media are powerful tools that can help sales
professionals build better relationships with prospects, increase their visibility, and drive
more sales. By embracing these tools and integrating them into their sales strategy, sales
professionals can achieve better results and stay ahead of the competition. What is
important is to not to focus only on selling, rather focus on building relationships, providing
value, and establishing trust.”
Hina Bakht is a seasoned business and revenue management professional with over 15
years of experience in digital marketing and e-commerce. With expertise in boosting market
share and driving growth, Hina with her team has successfully implemented multi-channel
marketing strategies for leading companies and start-ups in diverse industries such as
hospitality, tourism, finance, technology, fashion, and healthcare.
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