Sharjah Aquarium Showcases Achievements and Initiatives on World Oceans Day


Since its opening in 2008, Sharjah Aquarium, under the Sharjah Museums Authority, has established itself as a leading recreational and educational center that significantly contributes to environmental awareness and marine life conservation. 

The Aquarium stands as a prominent example of continuous and dedicated efforts to protect the oceans and preserve marine biodiversity through its numerous initiatives and achievements.

Rashid Al Shamsi, Curator of Sharjah Aquarium, emphasized that the aquarium plays a pivotal role in promoting education and environmental awareness. 

“Throughout the year, it offers various educational programs targeting all age groups, from students to researchers and the general public,” he said. 

These programs include educational tours and interactive workshops that focus on the importance of the marine environment and the necessity of preserving it and its biodiversity.

Al Shamsi added that the aquarium’s efforts are highlighted through organizing numerous awareness campaigns, initiatives, and participation in scientific research aimed at protecting endangered marine species, improving environmental conditions of the oceans, and encouraging sustainable behaviors. 

“These efforts play a crucial role in preserving natural resources for future generations.”

As always, Sharjah Museums Authority, represented by Sharjah Aquarium, makes a significant and impactful presence in specialized global events. 

It joins the international community in celebrating World Oceans Day observed on June 8 each year, by participating in the “Beauty of the Marine Environment” initiative in collaboration with Khorfakkan University. 

This initiative showcases the latest environmental conditions of the UAE’s marine environment, highlights the secrets of its coral reefs, and emphasizes the diversity of its fish wealth.

The aquarium’s participation reflects its full commitment to protecting the marine environment and continuing efforts towards a sustainable future for the coming generations. 

It achieves this through various initiatives, workshops, campaigns, and unique programs under its social responsibility initiative “Because We Care,” which aims to educate the public on the importance of preserving the marine environment and raise awareness about the dangers of pollution caused by irresponsible behaviours, such as the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation and Release Program, the annual carnival, and the annual “Clean Up” campaign.

Additionally, regular workshops allow visitors to feed fish and touch marine creatures, bringing the public closer to the marine environment and encouraging better protection efforts.

As part of the initiative targeting different community members, including Khorfakkan University students, the aquarium offers two workshops: one for families and another for university students. 

The event also features characters interacting with the public, the use of interactive screens within the aquarium, and displays of diverse fish species along with entertaining activities such as face painting.

The celebration includes a lecture by Khorfakkan University titled “Under the Waves: Exploring the Hidden World of Coral Reefs in the UAE,” with university students participating in various activities and engaging in a specialized scientific lecture on marine and ocean environments during their visit to the aquarium.

The authority invites all community members, especially families with children, to seize this opportunity to learn about local fish species and their environment through display images, enjoy face painting, participate in family workshops, and interact with characters.

Through Sharjah Aquarium and its diverse activities and programs, SMA aims to enhance awareness of marine environmental issues among different community members, inform them about the UAE’s most important natural resources, and the role of coral reefs in maintaining ecological balance and providing natural habitats for many marine creatures. 

Furthermore, it highlights the importance of fish wealth as an essential part of the country’s natural and economic heritage. 

The Authority stresses the importance of public awareness in protecting the marine environment and preserving marine biodiversity by utilizing all available tools, including organizing events, interactive activities, and launching campaigns that actively contribute to a deeper understanding of marine environmental challenges and encourage sustainable practices to conserve these resources.



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