Samsung Electronics Expands Horticulture LED Lineups to Advance Greenhouse and Vertical Farming


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced digital component solutions, today announced new horticulture LED lineups, including full-spectrum packages and modules as well as color (monochromatic) LEDs. Optimized for lighting in greenhouses and vertical farming*, the new LEDs provide a broader spectrum of light for healthier plant growth, enhanced farming environments and reduced lighting system costs.

Full-spectrum light encompasses a continuous range of wavelengths from blue and green to red, creating a light blend suitable for horticultural uses. Compared to narrow spectrum lighting, Samsung’s full-spectrum-based LEDs encourage healthier and more balanced plant growth by stimulating photosynthesis, enhancing plant immunity and increasing nutritional value. Additionally, the LEDs can help to improve the overall farming environment by enabling growers to observe plant conditions more easily and spot diseases, like damping-off, at an earlier stage under bright white lighting. As high-efficiency and cost-effective alternatives to higher-priced red LEDs, full-spectrum LEDs can help lower the costs of a grower’s entire lighting system.

“Samsung’s full-spectrum-based horticulture LEDs present a new way of using LED lighting to improve plant cultivation at reduced system costs,” said Un Soo Kim, senior vice president of LED Business Team at Samsung Electronics. “We plan to further expand our horticulture offerings by integrating the latest in smart LED lighting technology, including Samsung’s leading sensor and connectivity solutions.”

In addition to its full-spectrum white LEDs, Samsung has added blue, red and far-red LEDs to its horticulture family to offer an extensive variety of wavelength combinations and meet the different design needs of horticulture lighting manufacturers.

Built on Samsung’s market-proven LED technologies, the new full spectrum and color LED lineups feature a high degree of reliability, making them well-suited to withstand high temperatures and humidity levels as well as agricultural chemicals used in greenhouses and vertical farming.

Samsung’s horticulture LED packages are now in mass production for lighting manufacturers and growers worldwide. The modules will become available in the first quarter of 2019.

Samsung’s New Horticulture LED Lineups:

Light ColorPPF**
(65mA, 25 ℃ )
LM301H3.0 x 3.0White0.543.03
LM561H5.6 x 3.0White0.52.88
(350mA, 25 ℃ )
LH351H3.5 x 3.5White2.522.56
Blue (450nm)2.82.8
Deep Red (660nm)2.323.16
Far Red (730nm)0.220.33
ModuleHorticulture LED Module281.0 x 41.0White70.92.74
(1.2A, 25 ℃ )561.0 x 41.0White141.82.74
Vertical farming is the practice of growing crops in vertically stacked layers and usually takes place in controlled, indoor environments.
** PPF (photosynthetic photon flux) indicates the total amount of photons in the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) range – a spectral range between 400 and 700nm – that can enhance plant photosynthesis and is measured in micromoles per second (μmol/s).
*** PE (photon efficacy) indicates the light efficacy level for photosynthesis in plants and is measured in micromoles per joule (μmol/J).